Nike's Vaporfly "miracle shoes" allowed at the Olympics, but ...

It's a pebble in athletic footwear.Do the new Vaporfly produced by the American equipment manufacturer Nike come under the technological doping transforming the runners who wear them in Hermes, with winged sandals faster than the wind?

Since a wave of personal bests and even a few world records have submerged the marathon and road races in recent months, the controversy has swelled, to the point that World Athletics, the international federation, long inactive, has been forced to pronounce.

After appointing a panel of experts in the fall of 2019, it ultimately did not go so far as to ban shoes already on the market.The federation, on the other hand, announced on Friday January 31 that it wanted to freeze it.'' introduction of all new technology in footwear until the Olympic Games in Tokyo (July 24-August 9),

After the summer, so that they can be used in elite competitions, equipment manufacturers will now have to have each new innovation validated by a group of experts established by World Athletics, which claims to be "open to a content dialogue with shoe manufacturers ”.The instance probably avoids legal marathons.

"It is not for us to regulate the athletic footwear market, but our duty is to preserve the integrity of competition by ensuring that the shoes worn by athletes do not offer any unfair help or advantage," commented the president of the body, Sebastian Coe.We cannot exclude shoes that have been available for a long time, but we can establish a red line by banning models whose technology goes beyond those which are currently on the market, time that we study them."

Posted Date: 2020-11-28

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